Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding is considered Britain’s national dish & couldn’t possibly be missing from London’s palette. This big family meal of the week is traditionally roast beef but it can also be roast lamb or pork, chicken or duck cooked with potatoes that absorb much of the juices released by the meat.

Yorkshire pudding is a typical side dish made from a batter of milk, flour & eggs cooked in a muffin tin, hence its typical shape. The typical dish is also supplemented with a series of steamed or boiled vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage & peas.

The whole dish is finally drizzled with gravy made from roasted meat, perhaps supplemented by one more stock cube & corn flour. The roast dinner or roast lunch is the most common get-together dish of the British family, a standard of the weekly menu since the medieval times for the families that could afford such a luxury of course.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding.

The photos that feature our suggestion for this dish are two of the photos we fished out from the amazing social media pages of the astonishing Hawksmoor Restaurants in London.

In their own words, the goal has always been to serve the best steak in the country, but we also work hard to make everything on the menu as good as it can possibly be. And as for our Sunday lunch, well it’s all about Roast Beef, which according to the Observer is the Best Sunday Lunch in the UK. 

Also, Hawksmoor Restaurants support traditional British farming methods and work with small farms around the country that raise cattle to their specific set of guidelines around the quality of the animal’s life, which is as high a standard as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

All their beef comes from cattle that have led a stress-free life and are fed on a natural diet of grass and hay. They are grown slowly in order to reach maturity and the best meat is selected, butchered by hand and dry-aged for 35 days, losing on weight but improving in flavor and tenderness. More