London Gin

London Gin. The distilled spirit with the strongest historic ties to the city of London is without any doubt the liquor of Gin. Developed on the basis of the Dutch Jenever in the mid-17th century, Gin’s popularity skyrocketed after William of Orange, ruler of the Dutch Republic occupied the British throne after the Glorius Revolution of 1688. The popularity reached its climax in the so-called Gin Craze of the beginning of the 18th century when over half of the 15.000 drinking establishments of London were in fact gin shops.

Gordon’s founded in 1769, Tanqueray in 1830 & Beefeater in 1863 are 3 London brands that are widely recognized around the world. More micro-distilleries such as Sipsmith & Sacred Spirits are sprouting within the wider area of the capital to this day proving that this is a tradition that will surely continue long after we’re gone. Till then, try some Gin from the city of London. They sure as hell know how to make it. (More on the history of London’s love for Gin)

Our proposal and kind source of our photos in this article is a place that is all about Gin and London. The London Gin Club. Dedicated gin drinkers, who set up The London Gin Club in March 2012 so fellow gin-o-philes could go and enjoy exceptional gins in their relaxed Soho bar. On a constant quest for a fine and remarkable gin, they boast over 350 of the best premium and super premium gins available including micro-distilleries and small-batch producers from around the world. Whilst this may not be the largest collection of gin in the world, it’s true to say their focus is on quality alongside uniqueness.