English Breakfast

English Breakfast. You don’t really need any introductions for this. Probably you have already prepared or ordered it somewhere back home. It is certainly one of the two most internationalized British culinary traditions (the other one is of course fish and chips). Nevertheless, it would be a strange thing to do really if you didn’t taste the famous English Breakfast during your visit to the British capital.

This high-calorie, protein bomb of a breakfast is typically consisted of one or two fried eggs, two pork (breakfast) sausages, a slice of back bacon, baked beans in tomato sauce, pan-fried tomatoes & mushrooms, and a toast or two of bread, that can sometimes be fried. All on the same plate.

Black pudding, a blood sausage made with pig blood, pork fat, and oatmeal, or a fried potato-cabbage mix known as bubble & squeak are also sometimes included. Accompanied by the traditional cup of tea this 19th-century working-class fuel plate requires a certain degree of hunger & is mostly popular as a weekend hangover fare nowadays.