Spoil yourself in Portobello

Spoil yourself in Portobello. Imagine the most comfortable and romantic cinema experience. A place of front seat beds, red-leather couches, with foot-stools and side table, cashmere blankets and old school but classy decor. Good food and champagne if you’d like. HD screens and clear sound.

https://www.instagram.com/electriccinemas/Spoil yourself in Portobello https://www.instagram.com/electriccinemas/https://www.instagram.com/electriccinemas/

Not crowded. Now put all that on a gorgeous road of Noting Hill and there you have it. Electric cinema in Portobello is among the oldest in the capital and surely among the most rewarding in the world. This is how cinema should be. This. A pampering every cinema lover deserves once in a lifetime at least. You’ll want more.