Go on a Gin Journey

Go on a Gin Journey. Every city has its own favorite liquor. London’s sweetheart is of course Gin. Being the world capital of Gin with a turbulent relationship that goes back hundreds of years London is experiencing a gin revival these last couple of years. Especially the ones produced by premium brands which are popping up around Britain at an increasing rate but also that of many new bars specialized in gin. Even if you are not a great fan of the drink or especially if you are not one there’s a tour that can give a whole new perspective on the matter.


The successful team that specializes in gin-related tours in London, as well as Manchester, Brighton, Leeds, Liverpool even Singapore, has a series of different options for the uninitiated that combine socializing, knowledge acquiring & of course drinking. The Gin Journey is an exploration of the world of gin. You’ll be taken on a voyage of discovery by one of the expert Gin Guardians of the team. They will provide you with a boisterous insight into the world of gin while serving up delicious cocktails and samples of well-crafted gin.

Guests will be whisked around by gin carriage to world-class cocktails bars and era-defining distilleries while most importantly, having a really lovely time. The tour includes 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover, and a ridiculous amount of fun. *no hangovers guaranteed only when sticking to the prescription of your Gin Guardian. More