Catch a theatre play

Catch a theatre play in one of the most important theatre capitals of the world. One of the advantages of having a trip to London is that the obstacle of language is non-existent for most visitors nowadays.

.Catch a theatre play

The trip to the British capital, the most prolific metropolis of the English-speaking world (along with New York) in theatre productions, can only mean one thing. Numerous opportunities of high-level musicals & theatre plays often performed by world-famous actors & actresses, leading figures in blockbuster movies & TV series produced both in Britain & Hollywood.

Total attendance in the more than 122 venues of this huge theatre-land reached a staggering 15 million in ticket sales for 2019. Amazing buildings of the 19th century such as the Palace Theatre, the Lyceum Theatre, of the 18th century such as Her Majesty’s Theatre housing long-running shows such as Les Misérables , The Phantom of the Opera (Opened in 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theatre) or the Mousetrap (Opened in 1952 at the Ambassadors Theatre, now playing at the St.Martin’s Theatre, a production that holds the record of the longest-running play in the world). Arts Theatre, West End’s smallest commercial receiving house and the home of long-running smash hit musical Six. More about the plays running at the time of your stay in London