MUSA (Beer)

MUSA (Beer). Musa is democratic and uncompromising. It is a serious brand, but it does not take itself too seriously. We are all good vibes and irreverence, but we are closely connected to the world around us and what is going on in it. No strings attached, prejudices, or ties, Cerveja Musa is always free to experiment and surprise and it has the delicacy of the 21st century. Cerveja Musa’s main goal is to democratize craft beer in Portugal, from its very beginning.

It produces beer that tastes like beer, without any trickery or tomfoolery. It makes beer for everyone, not only for some. With no prejudices, we wanted to create a brand that sings Zappa but also knows how to be silly and dance to cheesy portuguese tunes. Our brewers can make a pilsner with the same love they would make a double dry-hopped milkshake triple IPA. They are true warriors for the revolution of craft beer in Portugal! More