Come Prima (Budget Friendly)

Located at the top of Rua do Olival, not far from the Museum of Ancient Art, the Italian Restaurant Come Prima is already a must-visit for lovers of Italian cuisine. A cozy space, romantic atmosphere, it is the ideal place to taste the excellence of fresh pasta dishes made in-house, assorted starters, not forgetting the wood-fired pizzas, with a selection of top quality ingredients, always fresh.

To accompany, a complete wine cellar of national and international wines and, finally, an offer of desserts among the most special in Italy, Italian Restaurant Come Prima invites you to discover new flavors and sensations… The restaurant is also famous for its seasonal specialities, including the famous white Alba Truffles. It is a luxury ingredient and sought after by many. If you want to try them for the first time, and as a seasonal ingredient, you can follow Come Prima on social media, as they usually publish the event. More