Zrazy is a popular dish that has its origins in the years of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Today it is considered part of the culinary tradition in most Eastern European Countries. It is rolled meat made from beef slices flavored with salt & pepper & stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, eggs & boiled potatoes. The meat is secured with thread or toothpicks,  fried for a few minutes in oil & placed in a casserole with celery, onions & various spices.


The casserole is stewed at a low temperature, the threads are removed & the Zrazy is drained, dusted with flour & sometimes topped with sour cream. When ready it is served with a generous amount of the casserole sauce left. Zrazy Zawijane is a variation where the meat is stuffed with bacon, gherkin & onion. A meat eater’s wet dream. For this one, you would need a restaurant with quality meat, good portions, and a place you could trust. Kiełbasa i Sznurek is such a place. So not just for this in particular but yes. For this in particular as well.