Polish Vodka

Polish Vodka. There is no possible way of leaving Poland & not tasting its extraordinary array of Vodkas. If you are not a fan of hard liquor then this suggestion is obviously not for you. But if you are an occasional drinker then a sample of the fine quality Vodkas produced in Poland is very likely to turn you into a fan of it. When you first try Polish vodka you understand what the whole fuss is about. The world’s first written mention of the word vodka comes from a 1405-year court document from the Palatinate of Sandomierz in Poland.

The drink was actually used from the 8th century though for medicinal purposes. Unlike the Vodkas produced in Russia, Polish vodkas come in great variety. In addition to the best-known czysta vodka (vodka ABSOLUT for example), you can find many cheaper brands distilled from potatoes or rye in many flavors such as nut, pepper,plum, cherry etc. Like wines, they can be dry, half-dry, half-sweet & sweet. The traditional Polish  nalewka  infusions of herbs, berries or fruits steeped in Vodka are a family tradition with almost every restaurant in Poland having its own variation.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:%C5%BBubr%C3%B3wka#/media/File:Polmos_Bia%C5%82ystok_-_%C5%BBubr%C3%B3wka.jpgPolish VodkaPolish Vodka

Where do you for Vodkas if you’re in Krakow for a night or two? There’s probably no better place than Wodka Cafe Bar at Mikolajska 5. This small bar will give you a real feel of Poland with more than 90 different flavored vodkas and a very seductive board of tasting shots in an even more alluring price. More