Maczanka krakowska

Krakow’s champion of fast food is really too good to be regarded as one. In essence it is combo of contemporary street food with culinary tradition. This burger contains tender cuts of pork neck meat, that has to be marinated for 48 hours before its is cooked at low temperature and stewed with onions. The meat has to literally melt in your mouth when you try it. The real Maczanka burger, considered by Krakowians as the predecessor of modern burgers, is not served with ketchup or mayo. Instead the sauce is prepared by veal bones, roast stock and red wine. The bread rolls (not ready made if you stick to the recipe) should also be baked in wood-burning ovens. When the burger is ready it is served with onion rings and cucumber. After a small research we finally found a candidate that checked all the basic criteria. This place makes the burger in the old fashioned way we need to, not in a chain fast food kind of way. Second most important, they make their food in a way that produces praising reviews. So it’s a go. Oh..this is the place