Flaki is a traditional Polish meat stew with cleaned strips of beef tripe as its main ingredient (flaki=guts). It is one of the oldest in the book with the first mention of the dish going back to 14th-century Poland. One would argue that this is not the most touristy thing on the menu and he would of course be right but this is not the place where tripe stew is part of the culinary tradition. So it is probably less outlandish in Germany, Czechia, Hungary & the Balkans, with the Greek version of “Patsas” usually serving as a remedy for hand-over.

The Polish version is a thick soup that can also contain various cuts of beef meat, bay, parsley, carrot, beef broth & spices like paprika and pepper. It is usually accompanied by fresh bread rolls and is traditionally served in Polish weddings. So where to go for a small sample of a Polish wedding?

We have just the right place for you. You’ll find flaki as well as other staples of Polish cuisine. Domowe Przysmaki is a family-run restaurant specializing in Polish cuisine and recipes coming from old family cookbooks. You can find them here

http://www.domoweprzysmaki.pl/en/home/ http://www.domoweprzysmaki.pl/en/home/