Pay homage to King Krakus

Pay homage to King Krakus. One of the favorite ways among the locals to enjoy the picturesque old city’s views is from the top of the four man-made mounds, reminiscent of the old Slavic tradition of burial graves for heroes & leaders. The most popular is the Krakus Mound or Kopiec Krakusa named after the legendary King Krakus. Located in the Podgórze district, on the south flank of Wawel Hill,  it offers a great view of the old town & Kazimierz.

The spiral pathway up the mound is a very easy climb while the serene panorama will no doubt compensate for the effort especially if you visit the place just before sunset. Although nobody has yet proved the real connection between the legendary king and the mound, it is a folklore myth with deep roots in Krakow’s mythology. If you do the climb you’ll pretty much discover the reason.