Pici pasta alla Ragu di Cinta Senese

Pici pasta alla Ragu di Cinta Senese. If you are a fan of homemade pasta, you have to taste Pici Pasta. This is a particular type of fresh pasta, belonging to the Tuscan tradition. These are similar to spaghetti, only that they have a greater consistency and are a bit chewy which is why the portions are small.  Typical of southern Tuscany but found throughout the whole region.

They are simply made with flour, water, and sometimes eggs. Usually, the pasta is seasoned with game sauce, or with the classic aglione, ie tomato and aglione. Another classic recipe is the pie crumbs, which are flavored with Tuscan bread crumbs in olive oil. Cinta Senese‘s ragù is similar to the wild boar but smaller, with a more distinct flavor than wild boar and is found in the forests of Tuscany. The picture on the left courtesy of www.lacucinaitaliana.it Picture on the right by Da Que’ Ganzi Trattoria Osteria  (TripAdvisor)

Pici pasta alla Ragu di Cinta Senesehttp://www.daqueiganzi.it/