Peposo alla fiorentina

Peposo alla fiorentina. Peposo was created in the 15th century by those who worked in the hills of Impruneta, at the gates of Florence and in particular by those who made bricks and terracotta tiles by cooking them at the kilns of the hilly area. The workers used the kiln bricks to cook this dish which took several hours to be prepared. It is also known as the “Peposo di Brunelleschi”, which can be attributed to the Renaissance, as the well-known artist used to eat this hearty dish while waiting for the brickwork that was used for the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore.

This dish is cooked traditionally cooked slowly in low heat, with Chianti pepper and wine. The addition of tomato, as an ingredient became part of the recipe after the Renaissance. Today the dish is still popular in Tuscany. In the little town of Impruneta, a few kilometers south of Florence, where the dish originates there is an annual sagra (festival) dedicated to Peposo.

Again the dish is a tasty example of culinary simplicity, consisting of a few ingredients that blend together heavenly. Beef meat, garlic, red wine, preferably from the Chianti region, sea salt, and pepper. In the end, the stew is garnished with some small branches of rosemary and served accompanied by mashed potatoes and tender salad. A bliss. If you want to play safe on this then try Il Porcospino at Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini . The palazzo where this restaurant is situated is equally impressive with its impeccable culinary execution.