Crostini Toscani

Crostini Toscani. The Florentines never start a meal without having a starter first. One of the most popular categories of appetizers in the city that branches off the norm of bean recipes is the multifaceted crostini, thinly sliced toasted bread with all sorts of sauces and pastes on top. A favorite of all, is a sauce made from chicken liver, butter,  anchovies, capers, onion and broth, which is spread on warm bruschetta bread.

In order to get a wide range of the Tuscan antipasti (open sandwiches) and all of the Affettati Misti  (the cold sliced meats like finocchiona, sbriciolona, prosciutto crudo, lardo) a wise order would be the tagliere, the Tuscan meat and cheese board that will give you the liberty to improvise and create your own combinations of savory crostini.

For some of the best crostini in Florence (& Fiesole) you should pay a visit to Coquinarius a cozy kitchen, a food shelter where you can come by yourself, for a dinner with friends or just for a glass of wine. Many people in Florence (& Fiesole) think of this place like home. More