Bistecca alla fiorentina

Bistecca alla fiorentina. The undisputed champion in the category of main course or secondi piatti is a treat for meat lovers. Bistecca alla fiorentina is a large t-bone steak of beef meat weighing anywhere from one to four kilos (2 to 8 pounds) traditionally grilled over a wood or charcoal fire.

The beef comes from the local Chianina cattle. The thick steak is grilled for about 3 – 4 minutes per side, just enough for the outer layer to be roasted while it is still rare, red and bloody on the inside. The smoky aroma is traditionally enhanced with the help of roasted chestnuts that are added in the wood or charcoal fire.

Salt, pepper, olive oil, rosemary, and lemon fire up the meat’s flavors that is ideally paired with some roasted potatoes, green peas, fresh salad, and bland Tuscan bread. It is customary in traditional restaurants for the server to bring the uncooked beef steak to the table, so you can witness with your own eyes the quality of the raw meat. For a true taste of Fiorentina Bistecca try Boccanegra. The photos alone can make your mouth drool. Try the real thing and ..well the photos can’t capture that.