Drive a Ferrari

Drive a Ferrari you say? Did i read that right? Indeed you did. How often do you get to be close to one of your dream cars? Does your dream ever reach the heights of the mythic Italian Ferrari or this car seems too far-fetched to be included in your fantasies? If you just don’t think about cars of that caliber you may have to readjust your reality if you happen to pass by Florence. You are probably thinking “yeah right mate, sorry I don’t want to spend half of my journey’s money just to get in a Ferrari, nah”. Well, that isn’t the case either. For a price that starts from 30 euros (!!!!)  you can not only get into a new Ferrari but drive it as well.

You are probably guessing right of course if you are thinking it doesn’t last for long…but really now…who cares? You get to drive the damn thing! Always accompanied by an expert guide you have the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime joyride with this legendary machinery for 4, 18, 22 kilometers or more depending on your budget. More