‘Smørrebrød” or an open-faced sandwich with different portions and cuts of meat or fish, various kinds of cheese, pastes, and salad dressings on top of buttered rye bread (the only common ground between them) can be found in every single restaurant in Copenhagen. The secret in the Danish version of an open sandwich is the fact that the buttered rye bread is completely covered by the structural elements of the sandwich and the final topping.

Its numerous variations can cover the needed meals of a whole day, from breakfast to dinner, in a most satisfying way. The most popular and sought for Smørrebrød in Denmark is the ”Stjerneskud” (the Shooting Star). This sandwich is consisted by buttered rye bread of course,2 pieces of buttered plaice fillets, a piece of steamed & rolled white fish with a hat of fresh shrimp, black or red caviar mayonnaise, and some asparagus or cucumber for the whole shebang…..Slurp!

For some of the best out there, there is a place, more like an institution that you should not miss. Restaurant Schønnemann’s menu is brimming with classic Danish smørrebrød, warm dishes, and exciting specialties – all made with the best ingredients and of course always freshly made. Our food and wonderful atmosphere have placed us among the best lunch restaurants in the country, and we are constantly developing new dishes so that the seeds of tomorrow’s classics are laid. More