Herring especially smoked herring has been in the Danish diet and more specifically in Copenhageners’ diet from the very early days, when Copenhagen was nothing more than a herring trading post. It goes without saying that someone must taste this staple food that can be found in every possible variation in Denmark.


The most common version is smoked and salted exactly like it was preserved before refrigerators came into our lives. The ”gold from the sea” is also very commonly found marinated or pickled. The best way to enjoy the smoked herring is directly from the hot oven – and the most popular dish is named “Sun Over Gudhjem” – which is an open sandwich with rye bread – smoked herring – chives and a raw egg yolk (the “sun” on top) – which is a hundred-year-old specialty.


An ideal restaurant for old-fashioned Danish cuisine and herring in Copenhagen is Restaurant Kronborg at Brolæggerstræde 12. It is a restaurant that is all about homemade food and coziness. Its menus are pescatarian and vegetarian friendly with lots of gluten-free choices and great reviews by TripAdvisor users and satisfied clients. More