Danish sweets

Denmark is also famous for its pastries. The delicious Sarah Bernhardt cake is a traditional Danish specialty of more than 100 years and a must-taste when in Copenhagen. The most renowned in the long list of Danish sweets is of course the specialty known as ”Danish” in most places of the world.

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The Danes call this type of pastry strangely enough ”Wienerbrød” which means Viennese bread since it was first introduced in Denmark by an Austrian baker around 1840. This champion of all Danish sweets comes in more than 50 different versions of different names and tastes. There’s no chance you’re gonna miss at least one.

If you happen to come across one of the bakeries of the Lagkagehuset chain don’t miss out on the chance to sample one of its fresh products. You can find some of the most amazing sweets in town along with several choices for a fast snack like tasty sandwiches and of course all sorts of coffee for pairing.