Crispy Pork with parsley sauce

Crispy Pork with parsley sauce. The Danes are the people with the highest percentage of pork consumption in the world. Everyone in the country from elders to young (meat eaters that is) has been accustomed to the tradition of an old-fashioned roasted pig (apple in the mouth, the works) during the grilling season of the summer months.

It’s a family thing depending again on the percentage of pescatarians, vegetarians & vegans in the family. Danish bacon is also one of Denmark’s oldest & most important export products with a reputation around the world for its taste & high quality.

An average Dane eats an average of 2.0 kg of bacon every year. It is actually estimated that in Denmark pigs are more than people…..If you are a meat lover you will no doubt have the chance to figure out for yourself why the Danes are so hooked with the plump red meat and could actually help the Danes improve their percentage by trying one of their popular recipes. Pork with parsley sauce

The most traditional of all the Danish recipes for pork is called Stegt flæsk. One could even say that this is the national Danish favorite. It means fried pork and its most popular variation is called “Stegt flæsk med persillesovs” which is in essence crispy pork with parsley sauce. It is a hearty dish ideal for Copenhagen’s cold winter days and nights. In Nyhavns Færgekro you will find a homely, traditional and cozy atmosphere.

The evening menu consists of simple and traditional dishes prepared with the best ingredients of the season. The place is always among the top choices of locals and tourists alike..The place is ideal for a piece of herring too (It is in Νyhavn after all) if do not opt for meat, especially during the daytime when you can find more than ten different homemade herring specialties.