Copenhagen Beer

Copenhagen Beer. The Danes love beer.  In the past few years, 75 new breweries have emerged in Denmark, with a large part of them situated in the area of the capital. Although Carlsberg & Tuborg are the most famous around the world, a whole new array of breweries has become popular lately among the locals. Ranging from home brewers that evolved into successful businesses in only a few years to small pubs that produce their own beer, Copenhagen is a true heaven of beer diversity…

Copenhagen BeerCopenhagen Beer

Since 2012 the Copenhagen Beer Festival (or Beer Week) is a beer festival bringing together the most epic brewers from around the world, paired with incredible live music. It takes place its year in May and is of course a great chance for tastings of small-scale, experimental productions by new and aspiring brewers that flock to the Danish capital to meet with beer lovers and restless professionals. More about the Beer Festival of Copenhagen

A great example of a microbrewery in Copenhagen is Nørrebro Bryghus,  a small local brewery in the cool Nørrebro neighborhood that grew pretty strong in less than 20 years. During the past decade, 200 different brews have been brewed – from black to pink, from easy drinking to heavy complexity, from the summery to the winter warmers. The brew house is still at the absolute center of the beer culture.