Brun sovs

Brun sovs. Brown Gravy..this gravy is omnipresent in Denmark. Back in the old days, this gravy was served with almost every meal & it was literally unheard of to serve potatoes without this gravy. Today It is made with melted butter, beef broth, flour, white vinegar & sherry. Its genuine flavor will stay with you as an aftertaste long after your visit to the Danish capital. sovs

In the very heart of Copenhagen, you can find a classic and historic Danish restaurant that can make the famous gravy in the most traditional homey way there is. Restaurant Puk is one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen with a history dating back to 1750. In the late 19th century King Christian VII and his mistress were regular guests in this charming establishment.

You can enjoy all the classic Danish dishes here in very charming surroundings. Every morning our chefs prepare homemade food, that is made with love and pride for traditional Danish cooking. Everything is made from the ground, using only the best product from local Danish farmers.