66 Guldsmeden (Boutique Hotel)


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66 Guldsmeden (formerly Carlton) opened in 2002 as the first of the Guldsmeden Hotels in Copenhagen, cementing the hotel’s position as pioneers of the new Vesterbro! Since then the hotel has been through a number of renovations and expansions along the way, and the house now has a total of 74 lovely rooms, with the Carlton Cantina café at its very heart.

With Vesterbro´s gritty glamour and love of life just outside the door, the bigger, brighter, born-again 66 Guldsmeden is a warm and secluded haven, giving you exactly what you need for a perfect stay in Copenhagen. There are so many great places in this neighborhood – a huge selection of restaurants & cafés, great shopping if you´re after something cool and unusual, art galleries and music venues, and lovely parks just a short walk away.