Take the trip across Øresund Bridge

Take the trip across Øresund Bridge. Back in the old days, traveling from Copenhagen to Sweden was always a trip made by boat or plane. Today Skåne and Malmö are considered part of the Greater Region of Copenhagen. In fact, for hundreds of years, the geopolitical reality of the region accounted the eastern coast of the sound as Danish soil.

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The massive (12 km if we include the 4 km tunnel) Øresund Bridge has brought the two sides of the sound, modern-day Denmark and modern-day Sweden considerably closer.  For some commuters, the journey back and forth is a daily routine these days.


Is there a reason for a visitor not to hop on neighboring Sweden when the journey is so easy these days? There is none. Put another pin on your travel map and pay a visit to the neighboring Malmö (less than 30km away). Carpe diem and hello Sweden. More

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