Immerse yourself in Islamic Art

Immerse yourself in Islamic Art (a rear thing in European cities). The David Collection was founded by C. L. David, a prominent lawyer who left his art collections to posterity in the building that had been his own home. The museum is owned and administered by the C. L. David Foundation and Collection.

Since David’s death in 1960, the area covered by the museum has increased significantly in keeping with the acquisition of numerous new works of art. The Collection of European 18th-Century Art is now complete. First and foremost, however, the Collection of Islamic Art has been consolidated and expanded, making it the museum’s most important. yourself in Islamic Art

The museum comprises three permanent collections whose nucleus dates back to the days of its founder, C. L. David: the Collection of Islamic Art, the Collection of European Art, and the Collection of Danish Early Modern Art.

The Collection of Islamic Art – internationally, the museum’s most important one – encompasses exquisite decorative art from the 7th century to the mid-19th century from an area that extends from Spain in the west to China in the east, from Uzbekistan in the north to Yemen in the south. yourself in Islamic Art

The Collection of European Art features a rich selection of art from the 18th and 19th centuries: furniture design, French and German porcelain, Danish faience and silver, and Danish, Dutch, and French paintings.

The Collection of Danish Early Modern Art comprises paintings and sculptures made by Danish artists between c. 1880 and 1950. At this time, only work by Vilhelm Hammershøi is on display. (Description/More)

Immerse yourself in Islamic Art