Hórta. Another bomb of antioxidants & pure Cretan taste in your absolute “must order” list must be the dish of wild Cretan greens. This is by far the most traditional dish in Crete, west & east, north & south. It’s what every grandmother treats her grandsons “so that they know what good food is” & every restaurant & tavern with a minimum amount of respect towards its local clients has on the menu.


The wild greens in Crete vary depending on the season. Winter greens include radishes, fennel, chicories, nettles, leeks, thistles, arugula & salsify that are mixed & boiled for just a few minutes in salted water & then served doused with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. The secret ingredient that always accompanies the dish of winter greens, the red onion must be served chopped in four. Summer greens include wild amaranth, zucchini, parsley garden peas & corn along with 2 or 3 spring onions served in the place of its winter edition.