Spend a night at Loutro

The south coast of Chania has a plethora of destinations that deserve a separate mention. The small village of Loutró, just 10 minutes away from the village of Agia Rouméli where the Gorge of Samariá ends up, deserves a whole chapter. This little paradise of white & blue houses & hotels is built like an amphitheater by the sea right on the feet of what seems to be a steep precipice of the ragged Sfakia mountains towering 600 meters above it.

The only way to get to the village is by the sea or by a steep mountain trail coming from Sfakia on the east, or Phoínika and Agia Rouméli on the west. No cars or motorcycles can move around the village as there are no motorways. This is a heaven of almost absolute silence & escape from light pollution.


There is no other place where you can marvel at the stars in the night sky better than this. The sea is crystal clear, abundant with life & ideal for snorkeling. The canoes roam around protected by the strong winds bay & boats transfer tourists to the neighboring beaches of Marmara & Glyka Nera (sweet waters).

The tavern of Marmara has been mentioned several times in local & international magazines as one of the best in the whole region while the Glyká nerá is by far one of the cleanest beaches you’ll swim in your life. Mármara beach is the mouth of the Gorge of Arádaina which is a place ideal for extreme sports lovers who can bungee-jump off the metal bridge, the second-highest bungee-jumping bridge in Europe. Definitely worth a night’s stay.