Rent a small boat

Rent a small boat with a skipper. There are countless choices for you. From cheap and basic services that will take you around the old port or the small island of Thodoroú that lies just off the coast of Chania, to tailor-made expensive ones that can take you for spear-fishing to Balos lagoon or all the way to Santorini lies about 3,5 hours to the north. One thing’s certain. If you hire a boat with your family or group of friends you will have the chance to swim in crystal clear waters away from the crowds, which depending on the season is reason enough. a small boat with a skipper Photo by

Equally important is the fact that the skippers can share with you their favorite spots, places where you can see shipwrecks or archaeological sites that you wouldn’t be able to see in any other way. If we had to give just one suggestion for what you should do in Chania this is probably it. Our favorite