Go mountaineering

Go mountaineering. To a considerable extent, Crete is a mountainous island. The tall mountain tops that dominate the central part of Crete are visible from every angle of the sea-front cities on the northern coast. The Western part of the island is blessed with lots of places ideal for mountaineering and climbing. There are three designated climbing shelters that can house several climbers on different tops of Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

https://www.kallergi.co/the-refuge-galleryGo mountaineering Photo by https://www.kallergi.co/https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017193341505

The shelters of Kallergi at 1650 m altitude and Tavri at 1200 m altitude are the most popular but Svourihti at 2.080 m is the highest of the lot. You could go trekking to explore the trails of the West Lefka Ori mountain range or climb at one of the designated climbing decks available (Theriso, Stavros, Kalathas, Gigilos).

You could even go caving in one of the deepest Caves in the world (Varathro or Hole of the Lion). If you’re visiting Chania between November and April you’ll be amazed to know you can go skiing or snowboarding with a guide. Because of the altitude, the snow can be abundant (depending on the winter that preceded it) up until late April.