Spaghetti con il nero di seppia

Spaghetti con il nero di seppia. Another classic Sicilian pasta that combines the island’s love for the sea and of course the favorite of all Italians which is pasta. Fish pasta in black, linguine with cuttlefish ink, a dish with a captivating appearance and a sublime taste, perfect for those who love the flavors of the sea. The roots of this recipe have humble origins despite the fact that today this is considered to be among the most refined dishes on the Sicilian menu.

Once the cuttlefish ink was used as a preservative for the cuttlefish themselves in the absence of anything else, a common practice of fishermen to try to discard as little as possible and obtain the maximum yield from these tender mollusks, thus making a virtue of necessity. Now this precious and tasty ink represents a natural dye with an intense flavor much appreciated in the kitchen and revisited in its most gourmet forms, for example, gnocchi with cuttlefish ink. The recipe for linguine with cuttlefish ink in its elegant simplicity remains one of the essential evergreen dishes of Sicilian culinary tradition you should definitely try in Catania.