Pane Cunzato

Pane cunzato which translates into spiced bread is a widespread tradition in Sicily, famous for its wide variety and tradition in bread, something inevitable in a region that has always been identified as the precious breadbasket of Italy. Even as a guest on this amazing island you can’t help but buy into the rustic simplicity of baked goods.

The greatest concentration of this gastronomic phenomenon is recorded in the Trapani area, with intense outbreaks also in the upper Messina area. In the area of Catania on the other hand, the fame of a single place has become synonymous with pane cunzato: Scillichenti , a tiny seaside village in the municipality of Acireale. The curious and musical name of the place derives from the term sciddicari, meaning to slip, what happened to the pack animals that ventured on the lava rocks that characterize the place.