Trattoria U Fucularu (Budget Friendly)

Trattoria U Fucularu (Budget Friendly). U Fucularu is a trattoria where you will feel instantly at home. Here you can savor the flavors of the past, surrounded by classic and welcoming decor. The sense of home aka as hygge these days is what every customer enjoys and this is no exaggeration. Surrounded by old kitchen utensils and exposed brick walls, you can taste all the traditional ingredients of Sicilian cuisine.

From the sweetness of almonds to the crunchiness of pistachios, and from the strong flavor of capers to the delicate one of fish: Trattoria U Fucularu will immerse your palate and body in classic Sicilian traditions. In the center of Catania, this place is the money-friendly place you need if you’re visiting Catania on a tight budget. More