Feel like a true Sicilian in Mercato del Pesce

Feel like a true Sicilian in Mercato del Pesce. Given the fact that you are in Italy and in Sicily of all places, we would definitely recommend a guided tour that has to do with food. A gastronomic food tour that will take you through the bustling markets like the Mercato del Pesce, the bakeries, and various squares. You will get to learn about the city’s history while sampling regional specialties, local cheeses, olives, and fried fish.


The piscaria del pesce di Catania is a place where time seems to have stopped and where every morning the oldest traditions of Sicilian fishermen revive. In order to experience the place in the best possible way then a guide who speaks Italian is the key. You will be guided through the outdoor and indoor stalls that form this centuries-old mosaic of what is considered by many to be the true soul of Catania. More

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