Pörkölt is another meat stew that non-Hungarians tend to mix up with Goulash. It has however a place of its own on the pedestal of Hungarian national dishes. The main difference between it and the dish of goulash is that the meat used in Pörkölt is boneless.

It can be prepared with any kind of meat or mushrooms, lots of onions, and of course paprika…preferably quality Hungarian paprika. Usually eaten with boiled or mashed potatoes. Both goulash and Pörkölt were considered popular shepherds’ meals and are both traditional in several Central European Countries besides Hungary.


The Huszár Étterem is a place most fitting for a selection of Hungarian dishes, including Pörkölt, Hungarian wines and cozy live music in the evenings. Lunch or a candlelit dinner selected from dishes prepared according to classic Hungarian recipes will provide an unforgettable experience for the participants of friends and family gatherings.