Goulash. Most people in Europe have heard of or tasted this staple of traditional Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian goulash (gulyás, which means herdsman in Hungarian). is a beef stew cooked with a generous amount of onions, paprika (you’ll find it in many traditional treats), bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic.


The stew is more like a thick soup with the tender meat cuts being melted inside the delicious mix that should not normally be packed with vegetables (potatoes and carrots). Instead the outcome should be nearer to a broth. All you will need to accompany your goulash is a loaf of fresh and crusty bread and a dash of sour cream.  The origins of this dish go back to the Mayar shepherds who brought the recipe with them when they moved to Europe in the 9th century.


A new restaurant in the heart of the party district of the Old Jewish quarter is the perfect pair for anyone who wants to visit sample this dish in the Hungarian capital. Gettó Gulyás is a hip modern place that specializes in old traditional recipes. As you can guess from its name they have a love for goulash and as soon as you taste their specialty you’ll have a pretty good idea why. The prices are reasonable, the staff is polite, the neighborhood is a must. Check them out