Budapest Jazz Club (Jazz Joint)

In Budapest Jazz Club – with the exception of Sundays – they stage daily gigs that will free you of the gloom of the daily grind. You get the best of both worlds, of the present and the past. There is an old-world-ish coffee house where you can sit at leisure before going into the high-tech auditorium and fusion bistro as well.

Have a look at the gallery to get a glimpse of the atmosphere at this venue which is considered to be „the hub of the Hungarian jazz world”. Even during the daytime it’s worth your while to visit the Budapest Jazz Club, since from 10 a.m. onward you can have good coffee, sandwiches and fresh cakes there .

The gigs start at 20.00 while while our increasingly popular weekend and Monday and Wednesday jam sessions, where entry is free, begin after 22.00. The Budapest Jazz Club invites more world famous jazz giants every year than even the biggest venues in Hungary. Have a look at the article introducing these world stars for up-to-date information and recollections of the most memorable moments of the past seven years.