Have a drink in the ruin bars

Have a drink in the ruin bars. Budapest’s nights are even more mesmerizing than its days. It’s the whole feeling you get when you see the countless architectural jewels and beautiful corners of the city illuminated. And it’s one more thing. It’s not just big clubs and trendy bars. Those are found in every European capital. What makes Budapest stand out is the type of bars that are one of a kind. Ruin Bars or Ruin Pubs transformed Budapest’s nightlife and the city center in a way extraordinary.


Old apartment blocks & factory buildings equipped with discarded cinema furniture & old grandmas’ appliances that were sentenced to death, at the beginning of the 21st century, were transformed into quaint decor for imaginative clubs/bars/pubs. Concerts, exhibitions, and creative workshops take place in the most bohemian neighborhood of the city. Do not miss the chance to go out in one of them. More