Agneau de Pauillac

Agneau de Pauillac is meat from lambs raised on the salt marshes around Pauillac & is often served with truffles or mushrooms cooked in chicken stock. It can also be served as a stew with white beans, herbs & vegetables called mijote d’agneau aux mojettes. Agneau de Pauillac is fed on mother’s milk and not weaned. With its white to light pink meat, not very stringy, of an incomparable flavor, it is the pride of producers and fills with pleasure the most demanding informed consumers.

This is because the Pauillac lamb is raised in a traditional way and is considered a seasonal product that is found in the butcher’s shop mainly during the festive periods, which go from Christmas to Pentecost. This lamb is produced in a geographical area corresponding to the department of Gironde. In addition to the fact that this terroir is recognized outside the borders of France for its vineyards, its estuary, its Atlantic coasts, it also offers ideal conditions for sheep farming. It is precisely this particular terroir that gives the Pauillac Lamb its inimitable characteristics.