Le Boutique Hotel Bordeaux (Boutique)

Le Boutique Hotel Bordeaux, a cool design hotel decorated by the owners Christophe and Anaïs San José, is in the city center of Bordeaux. It is the perfect place to explore Bordeaux and its surroundings with the guidance of the old Boutique Hotel team. The history of this Maison, formerly located in rue de la Grande Taupe, is linked to a novel family of treasurers in France. It was here that Pierre-Denis Peyronnet was born, a famous Bordeaux man who was a minister of Louis XVIII and then Charles X.


Sequestered during the French Revolution, the private house was found the return to the intense social life where ministers and their cronies met. After the fall of Charles X, Pierre-Denis Peyronnet retired permanently to Bordeaux where forced to give up his ministry, he devoted himself to his passion for poetry.


The House Peyronnet became the meeting place of the society frequented by the great of the century, as can be seen in the footsteps of Alphonse de Lamartine. This former private maison remains today one of the finest examples of Bordeaux’s houses. The neo-Renaissance touches of its facade, its paved courtyard and its sumptuous stone vestibule, which have been little transformed over the decades, have kept the building’s presence of the time. More