Monkey Mood (Vegetarian – Vegan)

Monkey Mood. This restaurant is made up of a small team of amazing people who strive to provide you with an exceptional Indonesian vegan experience. The brunch is the greatest success so far so you are advised to book in advance in order to enjoy the tapioca bowl, made of delicious tapioca pearls, with fresh fruits and coconut cream infused with pandanus or the pandanus pancake, banana, peanut butter brownie, chocolate sauce and grated coconut.

If you are an evening kind of guy or gal then you could opt for one of the amazing cocktails on Monkey Mood’s menu like the Tirta made with White Rum, Coconut Water, Cane Sugar Juice and Pandanus Leaf or Mangga Nanas made with Amber Rum Anejo Especial, Pineapple Juice, Mango and Cane Sugar Juice. +1 for the whole Bali atmosphere that will make you feel you added one more travel pin to your map just by being there. What more can a vegan ask really? More