L’Empire Nightclub (Nightclub)

L’Empire Nightclub. Large, warm and friendly! Former 17th century Napoleonic stables, Gustave Eiffelian ceiling, the Bordeaux Empire warms and relaxes, pleases and enchants, sublimates your meals and your evenings! It is in an exceptional place that you will be able to savor
numerous cocktail creations.


On the menu, you will find the classic and essential cocktails to drink with friends: Mojito, Pina Colada, Cuba Libre, Sex on the Beach… L’Empire Bordeaux also offers premium creations: Fizz St-Germain and Greygoose, Long Island Ice Tea…

Here, you can also enjoy the choice of beers and the attractive wine list, offering a varied range of whites and reds.
Not to mention the delicious Gins Tonics! More