Le Clos d’Augusta (Romantic)

Le Clos d’Augusta. A cozy house located a stone’s throw from the Mériadeck Center, Le Clos d’Augusta offers an undeniable charm, its setting in pastel and woody tones giving it a colonial feel. Its well-laid-out tables, its chic decor and the reigning calm provide a cozy atmosphere that is much appreciated by loyal customers.


In season we will appreciate the superb garden and its green terrace, simply forgetting that we are only a stone’s throw from the city center. Samuel Zuccoloto revisits his classics with delight. The Credo of this young talented Chef, the seasons, the requirement in the choice of his products and the highlighting of vegetables are often forgotten.


Generous in his scores, he loves the beautiful work and takes real pleasure in surprising in his presentations as well as in feasting his guests. Cristina, his charming wife, takes care of the comfort of her guests in the dining room with very smiling attention. Very pleasant terrace and a magnificent garden in the city center. More