Bo-tannique (Budget Friendly)

Bo-tannique. Budget Friendly. The alchemy between two cooks, Florent and Romain and a sommelier, Guillaume, with a common dream Create and showcase our cuisine, merge the two techniques and know-how ”.  Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy and Alain Pégouret were the trainers and mentors of the two cooks. Imbued with this heritage, they both work with each product with the highest degree of cooking skills, producing texture and flavor that both can be proud of.

At their table, Tahitian condiments are mixed with salmon and Thai coconut milk soup, matured prime rib with pepper and fresh mint or sea bream in a spice crust … The two cooks offer you a cuisine of great tradition with touches of the world, unusual pairings which find their source in French excellence and which sail to other seas, other continents – Polynesia, India, Asia… – explored during their travels. More