Leber Berliner Art mit Apfel und Zwiebeln

Leber Berliner Art mit Apfel und Zwiebeln. A meat dish yet again. A big sorry to all vegans and vegetarians out there but this is a list of traditional cuisine and traditional German cuisine has a lot of meat.  Leber (liver) Berliner Art with apple and onions is one of the most typical dishes from Berlin. Both the floured liver and the side dishes of apple and onion as well as mashed potatoes are typical of this dish.


The most common recipes use calf liver and beef liver. Both calf liver and beef liver can be equally delicious. Whether you prefer veal or beef depends on the occasion and budget. Veal liver is used for a Sunday meal, and beef liver for an everyday meal. Because of course, the veal liver is finer in structure and taste.

It is therefore mainly served in restaurants and promoted by star chefs. Beef liver is heartier and cheaper. In principle, you can also use poultry liver or pork liver for the simple Leber Berliner style. Nowadays you can even get a vegan version and it actually tastes amazing because much of its flavor comes from the braised onions, cooked apples, herbs, and olive oil in the place of butter. Adjust this to your dietary preferences and try it without hesitation.