Cookies Cream (Vegan – Vegetarian)

Cookies Cream (Vegan – Vegetarian). Back in 2007, there were no recipes and no rules for a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin. So the people of Cookies Cream created a cuisine of their own which is about using modern techniques of processing, as well as old knowledge of ingredients.

During the growing time, they get most of their supplies freshly harvested from their farmer in Krielow/Brandenburg. The dishes change with the seasons and though they have a focus on regional products, Cookies Cream is inspired by many places and their produce.

During autumn and winter, preserving and fermenting allows the kitchen of Cookies Cream to send beams from the summery fields of Brandenburg onto your plates. Cookies Cream is ever-changing and never the same, always true to the belief in pristine products – carefully chosen, respectfully prepared, and lovingly served. More