Pepito Restaurante (Bar & Restaurant)

Pepito Restaurante at Pasaje Domingo 3 Bis, in the heart of Barcelona is a place where signature cuisine, mixes with flavors, textures and smells transporting you to new places. places where you share unforgettable evenings. Cozy and charming atmosphere that place the restaurant in the category of the Hyggeligt spaces (from the Danish word for comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment that has become a world favorite for some years).

The space is divided into different environments that harmoniously combine retro, classic, and industrial styles with materials brought from places as diverse as Amsterdam, London or Madrid. After enjoying the cuisine of the Pepito Restaurant, there is nothing like relaxing with one of its magnificent cocktails and enjoying the night in good company. The bartenders are masters of the wide variety of Gin Tonics and fruity cocktails the bar provides.