Monvínic (Wine)

Monvínic (Wine). Monvínic’s unique wine cellar is one of the best in the world. It is the fruit of years of passionate searching and its aim is to reflect as faithfully as possible the incredible diversity that springs from wine-making regions across the five continents. A cellar that is continually updated and where Monvinic’s team of sommeliers, led by Isabelle Brunet -awarded with the “Best Head Waiter 2018″ Prize by the “Acadèmia Catalana de Gastrònomia”, invest their passion and knowledge, day in day out.

Monvínic with the help of César Cànovas, a renowned Brand Ambassador, aims to reflect the extraordinary dynamism of the world of wine, with new winemakers and new regions constantly emerging, all of which deserve our attention.

There are thousands of labels, but behind every bottle, there is always the same prevailing obsession with its provenance and how it is stored and served. This fundamental principle comes from the desire that every wine should be enjoyed without losing the slightest trace of its essence. In Monvinic they, quite simply believe, that this is the greatest homage anyone can pay to the tireless work of so many extraordinary vignerons across the world. More