Watch a game in Camp Nou

Watch a game in Camp Nou. ABC here but hey..who knows you might not know what the Barcelona Football team means. The city of Barcelona is famous for many things. One of those things is the official local religion that has spread to the rest of the world. This is no other than the worship of BARCA!! (meaning of course the football team). The people of Barcelona are obsessed with their team for many reasons. One reason is because of its excellence in both the Spanish League and the European Championships, a superiority that has placed it among the most successful teams on the planet..if not the most.

Barcelona’s greatest rival is the equally successful team of Real Madrid. To watch a game in one the most iconic temples of football, the CAMP NOU, with a team that not only offers goals & spectacle but a chance to live and breathe the city’s beloved obsession, needs no further explaining. Of course, the club’s Basketball team is another sports marvel to behold. In fact, you can probably find a game in any sport you feel like watching but nothing beats the feeling you’ll get in a somewhat important match with the Barcelona football team. More: